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Guitar Accessories

  • George L's Cables
    I think they're the best cables for the money. Very user friendly-make your cable in the length you want, and enjoy the pro-tone!
  • Callaham Vintage Guitars and Amps
    Home of vintage style Stratocaster tremolos, featuring dramatic increases in both sustain and harmonic content.
  • Kinman Single Coil pickups for Strats and Teles
    Beautiful noiseless single coil pickups for Stratocasters and Telecasters
  • Warmoth guitar parts
    High quality guitar bodies, necks, paint jobs, and parts for a lot less than comparably equipped manufactured guitars. Plus, you get to put the stuff together yourself!

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Toast totally rules.

Hurrah for burneded breads!


Also. You blog less than I do, and since I only stride manfully into the blogosphere about once every fiscal quarter, you ought to be quite ashamed.

Although, I imagine that the toast offsets that quite a bit.

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