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Guitar Accessories

  • George L's Cables
    I think they're the best cables for the money. Very user friendly-make your cable in the length you want, and enjoy the pro-tone!
  • Callaham Vintage Guitars and Amps
    Home of vintage style Stratocaster tremolos, featuring dramatic increases in both sustain and harmonic content.
  • Kinman Single Coil pickups for Strats and Teles
    Beautiful noiseless single coil pickups for Stratocasters and Telecasters
  • Warmoth guitar parts
    High quality guitar bodies, necks, paint jobs, and parts for a lot less than comparably equipped manufactured guitars. Plus, you get to put the stuff together yourself!

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Hi hi! So happy you've updated your blog. You sweetie boy. Isn't the baby fuzz the softest ever (and the cutest ever). I love how you were able to relate dryer fuzz all the way back to a hotel in your childhood. You are so good at that!

I'm also very very happy that you are going to be in the Jazz band. They work so much less than PT. And I know you look forward to the new challenges.

I love you very very much! Keep on posting!



It's about time. That said...


It must be strange having a baby that's bigger than most of the adult natives, but I suppose you'll get used to it. Must be like Gulliver for the wee man.

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